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After falling into another dimension, you play a little character that has to escape from the dungeon he is a prisoner

In this other reality you have to fight enemies with Rock Paper Scissors and escape the 3 areas you can unlock by beating them in a Rock Paper Scissors logic for areas. Such like, in the Scissors' area you can find a KEY to unlock Paper area ;)

This game is still in development so there is not many levels to play with.

This game has been done during the : Weekly Game Jam - Week 154


All assets and code have been made during the week long game jam

This game is made with pure c++, with OpenGL for the rendering and OpenAL for the sound

Regarding the artwork, we've made the game fully with the Pico-8 Palette. 

Under the direction of alt404 Game Studio 


Creative Commons License
Rogue Pixel Showdown by coximor, Telo, RyanAvx and Zach Swinehart is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Install instructions

Just extract the .rar file somewhere, and execute the .exe file.

Your antivirus might consider it as a virus, but trust me it is not, maybe you'll have to disable your av before running the game.


rogue-pixel-showdown-windows.zip 79 MB
Version 2 Jun 27, 2020

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