A downloadable game for Windows

Run ! is a game where you have to run and kill as fast as possible, because your life depends on it. You will discover each time a fully procedural world, where you can destroy everything.

All the code and assets have been made in one week, for the 160 th Weekly Game Jam, so the game is subject to bugs and performance issues.

The game is made in plain c++, with OpenGL for rendering and GPU computing.

Controls :

Arrow keys to move, space for shooting and B to drop a bomb.

Enjoy !

Credits : 

  • dev : telo philippe
  • art : coximor
  • music /sfx : Nyaon

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Install instructions

Extract the files in an empty folder, and run the .exe file.

Because my game is made in c++ and doesn't have any sort of Windows signature, the game may be considered a virus, so you'll have to add it as an exception, or "run anyway", whatever your AV is (if you trust me of course :) )


run-windows.zip 39 MB
Version 8 Aug 17, 2020


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Hey, Windows Defender is detecting this game as a Trojan, but it is probably just because you made it from scratch with C++ and OpenGL, unlike most games on here. Just thought I would let you know, might be worth investigating so more people are likely to try your game, I assume you arent working on Win10?

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OH I didn't have a warning, maybe because I compiled it on my computer (I'm working on Win10), thank you so much for letting me know !

I will add a note on download instruction, and try to fix that (I think it's because my game doesn't have any license, and have not been played before so AVs consider it not safe...)


You made me realize that I haven't included DLLs for the game, so you wouldn't be able to run the game anyways :)